What are the Emerging Cybersecurity Trends in the coming 2022-23?

With the booming landscape of digitization and exponentially increasing influence of the internet landscape, the opportunities for hackers, phishers, and scammers are also unfortunately growing. The avenues of cyberattack have broadened in the past few years, which is why most enterprises are searching for cybersecurity analysts to safeguard their IT frameworks from threats. Still, on the fence about getting cybersecurity analyst certification? Then here is a brief overview of the emerging cybersecurity trends for 2022-23. Delve in!

AI-powered cyber security

AI can be a powerful way to counteract cybercrime by identifying the pattern of threats. AI systems can keep up with thousands of events taking place every second and they can detect fraud through predictive analysis. When combined with Machine learning, AI-powered cybersecurity can be one of the most powerful weapons for cybersecurity in 2022-23.

IoT security

By the year 2022, the number of devices in the IoT has reached about 18 billion. What is unfortunate is the IoT has become the Internet of vulnerable things. It has become the prime access point for cybercriminals who are looking to gain access to secure digital systems for data or potential user information. 

Ransomware detection

Another emerging cyber security trend is identifying and safeguarding systems against ransomware. Typically ransomware involves infecting devices with a virus that locks files away behind the bars of unbreakable cryptography. After locking the files, ransomware threatens to destroy them with untraceable cryptocurrency. Ransomware is one of the most threatening forms of cybersecurity attacks because it may threaten to publish the data publicly, leaving organizations liable to enormous files as per GDPR protocols and with a cybersecurity analyst certification you can understand how to overcome the threat of a ransomware attack.

Why opt for a Cybersecurity Analyst course?

When you enroll in one of the best cybersecurity training courses, you can establish a deep understanding of the industrial IT ecosystems. Establish in-depth expertise in ICS infrastructure, supervisory control, and SCADA systems to handle industrial processes remotely or locally.

Cyber criminals have moved a step ahead in developing malware and threats to disrupt the industrial Operating systems. When you enroll in a cyber security training course, you can learn proactive and diligent methods for risk management and network architecture defense.

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