Wellhead Maintenance & Operations

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This course will provide participants with detailed information on wellhead. Upon completion of the course,
participants will know the operating principles of the different equipment and will be able to study a
wellhead program and design a test program, learn more about wellhead equipment, mechanical barriers, safety
valves and wellhead control system.


Participants will be able to:

  • Heighten awareness in the process of wellhead operations
  • Identify the various wellhead equipment used in wellhead operations and explain their features and
  • Understand the barrier principles and well safety specifically hydraulic barriers and mechanical barriers
    including subsurface control valve, packer setting and testing
  • Illustrate the flanging of the wellhead procedure and including casing head housing, tubing spool hanger
    and valves & actuators and learn how to perform checks & tests processes
  • Explain the concept of wellhead safety valves and recognize its importance in offshore wellhead operations
  • Explain the step-by-step operating procedures to work under safe conditions for the offshore wellhead
    operation and become aware of its importance
  • Explain and understand the maintenance operation of the wellhead

Who should Attend

This course is for Engineers or technicians interested in improving their knowledge in wellhead equipment
used in drilling and production programs. Production (offshore field operation & operation groups),
Petroleum, Reservoir, Field Engineers & other company staff interested in wellhead operations.


  • Functions, Principles and Technology of Well Head
  • Wellhead Equipment
  • Study of Well Head components
  • Barriers Principles & Well Safety
  • Flanging of the Wellhead
  • Subsea Equipment Auxiliary
  • Operating Procedures to work under safe conditions
  • Maintenance Tools and Techniques