Time Management Workshop


Course Outline

Businesses constantly face difficulties keeping up with project schedules. Using our workshop, you can be the designated problem solver of the era. Our time management workshop helps you take control. It focuses on techniques that change your mindset. Train to prioritise, organise, and execute, plans just in time. 

What do you Learn?

Here at Xceedacademy, we strive to give our learners the best. At our time management workshop, you’ll learn to:

  • Conduct time audits to ensure smooth delivery of projects
  • Prioritisation of needs and delegation of job responsibilities according to an organisational hierarchy 
  • SMART Goal-setting and sound execution of time management plans with relevance to project deadlines
  • Management of project, task, and subtask deadlines to ensure timely delivery of project deliverables
  • Problem-solving and strategic thinking to mitigate risks that affect project deadlines directly
  • Scheduling and execution of your personal and organisational tasks to achieve the intended goals set for a project

Who can opt for this course?

Time management is essential for all individuals. If you’re someone with a zeal to excel, our time management workshop is for you. Our workshop is open to:

  • Students who are facing hurdles in managing their projects, deadlines, and internships
  • Industry professionals who are in key project leadership roles and are facing trouble with lost time
  • Entrepreneurs wanting to increase the efficiency of their enterprise by appropriately utilising time
  • Managers seeking to build time-sensitive teams in their enterprise 

However, our time management workshop is not limited to this pool of candidates. Any person, who wants to hone their time management skills, will receive a warm welcome at our time management workshop from us! 

Why Choose Xceed?

At Xceed, we pride ourselves on expertise. Our workshops are delivered by industry professionals. This time management workshop will be executed using an updated course curriculum. Additionally, our course pedagogy is facilitative and interactive. We believe in delivering a professional, hands-on experience to our clients. At Xceed, we have a network of the best consultants, knowledge partners, advisors, and practitioners.  

Choose our time management workshop to bring efficiency into your life and work! Contact us today for more details on it! 

Module 1


  • Definition of time management
  • Can Time be managed?
  • Importance of managing time
  • Time in Professional life
  • Time in Personal life
  • Time management challenges
  • Major time wasters
    • Self-imposed and
    • System imposed
  • Reality check
Module 4


  • The 7 habits of highly effective people
  • The 7 habits explained
  • The circle of concern and circle of influence exercise
  • Mindset – The new psychology of success
  • Learning to fulfill our potential
  • The mindset exercise
  • What are the One Thing Rules
  • Practicing the One Thing Rules
  • The 10 natural laws of successful time and life management
  • Managing Priorities
  • Managing Tasks
  • Managing Urgency
  • Managing Importance
  • Getting things done
  • Simply getting started
  • Cycle of getting things done
Module 2


  • Eat that Frog
  • Urgency versus Importance Matrix
  • Modern time management
  • Time management assessment
  • Practical exercise
Module 5


  • What causes Stress?
  • Relationship between Time and Stress
  • Ways to deal with stress
  • Emergency stress stoppers
  • Factors that reduce stress
  • Time and Priority Management
  • Exercise and diet
  • Support network, attitude and outlook
  • Emotional control and sleep
Module 3


  • Adopting the right attitude
  • Setting smart goals
  • Setting top priorities
  • Conducting a rigorous analysis
  • Preparing a successful plan
  • Preparing a detailed schedule
  • Avoiding continuous interruptions
  • Planning efficient meetings
  • Handling written communications
  • Mastering the delegation process
  • Avoiding the harm of procrastination
  • Improving the use of team time


Date: Customized Batch

Mode: Remote Training


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