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Business Intelligence is gaining speed across industries. With the Tableau training certification, professionals can generate organizational advantages. The importance of data insights is increasing every day. Customer portfolios are changing rapidly as well. Learn to devise, integrate, and adapt intelligent solutions facilitating decision-making for your organisation with tableau training certification. Integrate visualised data solutions for multi-layered organisational efficiency using our Tableau training courses. With our affordable tableau certification cost, you can become a master of Business Intelligence.

What do I learn?

Tableau is a data visualisation tool that’s gaining speed in industries today. Irrespective of the tableau certification cost¸through a Tableau training certification and our tableau training courses, you’ll learn how to: 

  • Install and set up Tableau on your system
  • Generating visualised data solutions like bar charts, PieCharts, heatmaps, etc.
  • Create collaborative dashboards using Tableau to facilitate decision-making
  • Develop table calculation and dual-axis charts
  • Design data hierarchies, time series, area charts, scatterplots, treemaps, storylines, waterfall, Paretto, etc.
  • Understand aggregation, granularity, parameters, calculated field creation
  • Assign geographical rules to data variables
  • Use data blending in Tableau
  • Export results inferred from Tableau into MS Suite applications like Powerpoint, Word, etc.
  • Create data extracts and add filters and dashboard actions in Tableau

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Who is this for?

There are no prerequisites for you to sign up for our tableau training certification course. With the affordable tableau certification cost, our tableau training courses are designed for beginners and industry professionals. Any individual interested in Tableau can join this tableau certification course. Future career options after our certification and tableau training courses include business analyst and analytics manager. At Xceed, we strive to make our tableau certification training affordable.

Why choose us?

Xceed Academy delivers excellence. We are committed to our students through thick and thin. Through our tableau training courses, we seek to deliver the best tableau certification in the industry. It will help you stand out and land high-profile roles at the crux of the industry’s business intelligence processes. Our network of industry experts provides relevant field expertise with our tableau courses. Our teaching pedagogies are unique and facilitative. We host interactive tableau training programs that are flexible to suit learner needs, for our tableau courses. We strive to deliver culture-specific interventions and solutions to our clients. The updated curriculum of our Tableau certification is relevant to industry standards. The project-based approach followed at Xceed gives students a hands-on experience while learning! 

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Course Overview

XCEED’s Tableau certification course helps you kickstart your endeavors to the world of data visualization. The tableau courses trains you from scratch and helps you generate business intelligence that is highly beneficial for companies. Decision-makers around the world are looking for talented data visualization professionals who can parse raw business data, refine it, generate valuable insights and aid in the decision-making abilities of the corporate. The silver lining is that you get an affordable Tableau training cost at Xceed.

With tableau training, you can develop faster analytical skills and analyse data better than before. Data-driven business decisions are critical for organizations of all scales. Since it is only then companies can outsmart the competition, improve organizational efficacy, discover new areas to grow and provide improved customer care. With Tableau, you can create interactive visualizations that make understanding raw, analytical data much easier.

Course Objectives

  • Understand the fundamentals of Tableau
  • Build and Customize Visualizations
  • Create dashboards
  • Learn to forecast and presenting data in an easy-to-understand form
  • Build projects based on real-life events

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Data Preparation using Tableau Prep

  • Data Visualization
  • Business Intelligence tools
  • Introduction to Tableau
  • Tableau Architecture
  • Tableau Server Architecture
  • VizQL
  • Introduction to Tableau Prep
  • Tableau Prep Builder User Interface
  • Data Preparation techniques using Tableau Prep Builder tool


    • Build a simple data flow using Tableau Prep Builder tool
    • Group and Replace feature using Tableau Prep Builder tool
    • Pivoting data using Tableau Prep Builder tool
    • Aggregate data using Tableau Prep Builder tool
    • Perform Unions and Joins using Tableau Prep Builder tool

Data Connection with Tableau Desktop

  • Features of Tableau Desktop
  • Connect to data from File and Database
  • Types of Connections
  • Joins and Unions
  • Data Blending
  • Tableau Desktop User Interface
  • Basic project: Create a workbook and publish it on Tableau Online


  • Joins using Tableau Desktop
  • Data Blending feature within Tableau
  • Create a Workbook and publish it over Tableau Online
  • Save a workbook in different formats

Basic Visual Analytics

  • Visual Analytics
  • Basic Charts: Bar Chart, Line Chart, and Pie Chart
  • Hierarchies
  • Data Granularity
  • Highlighting
  • Sorting
  • Filtering
  • Grouping
  • Sets


  • Basic Charts in Tableau
  • Demonstrate Hierarchies, Data Granularity and Highlighting features in Tableau
  • Perform Sorting, Filtering and Grouping techniques in Tableau
  • Sets in Tableau

Calculations in Tableau

  • Types of Calculations
  • Built-in Functions (Number, String, Date, Logical and Aggregate)
  • Operators and Syntax Conventions
  • Table Calculations
  • Level Of Detail (LOD) Calculations
  • Using R within Tableau for Calculations


  • Demonstrate calculations using Built-in Functions in Tableau
  • Perform Quick Table and Level Of Detail (LOD) calculations in Tableau
  • Installing R and establishing connection with R within Tableau

Advanced Visual Analytics

  • Parameters
  • Tool tips
  • Trend lines
  • Reference lines
  • Forecasting
  • Clustering


  • Demonstrate Parameters in Calculations
  • Perform Data Visualization using Trend lines, Forecasting and Clustering feature in Tableau
  • In-class Project 1- Domain: Media & Entertainment Industry

Level Of Detail (LOD) Expressions in Tableau

  • Use Case I – Count Customer by Order
  • Use Case II – Profit per Business Day
  • Use Case III – Comparative Sales
  • Use Case IV – Profit Vs Target
  • Use Case V – Finding the second order date
  • Use Case VI – Cohort Analysis


  • All the use cases are Hands-on intensive

Geographic Visualizations in Tableau

  • Introduction to Geographic Visualizations
  • Manually assigning Geographical Locations
  • Types of Maps
  • Spatial Files
  • Custom Geocoding
  • Polygon Maps
  • Web Map Services
  • Background Images


  • Create a Map and assign Geographic locations to the fields
  • Demonstrate how to create a Map from a Spatial file
  • Learn how to create a Filled Map, Symbol Map, and a Density Map
  • Perform Custom Geocoding in Maps
  • Build a Polygon Map
  • Establish connection with the WMS Server

Advanced Charts in Tableau

  • Box and Whisker’s Plot
  • Bullet Chart
  • Bar in Bar Chart
  • Gantt Chart
  • Waterfall Chart
  • Pareto Chart
  • Control Chart
  • Funnel Chart
  • Bump Chart
  • Step and Jump Lines
  • Word Cloud
  • Donut Chart


  • All the above charts have Hands-on

Dashboards & Stories

  • Introduction to Dashboards
  • The Dashboard Interface
  • Dashboard Objects
  • Building a Dashboard
  • Dashboard Layouts and Formatting
  • Interactive Dashboards with actions
  • Designing Dashboards for devices
  • Story Points


  • Demonstrate how to add objects to a Dashboard
  • Build a simple Dashboard (using Layouts and Formatting features)
  • Create Interactive Dashboards using actions
  • Learn to create Dashboard for devices using Device Designer
  • Build Stories with Dashboards
  • In-class Project 2- Domain: Retail Industry

Get Industry Ready

  • Tableau Tips and Tricks
  • Choosing the right type of Chart
  • Format Style
  • Data Visualization best practices
  • Prepare for Tableau Interview


  • Hands-on experience on various tips and tricks with Tableau
  • In-class Industry Grade Major Project-Domain: Transportation Industry

Exploring Tableau Online

  • Publishing Workbooks to Tableau Online
  • Interacting with Content on Tableau Online
  • Data Management through Tableau Catalog
  • AI-Powered features in Tableau Online (Ask Data and Explain Data)
  • Understand Scheduling
  • Managing Permissions on Tableau Online
  • Data Security with Filters in Tableau Online


  • Publishing Workbooks to Tableau Online
  • Interacting with Content on Tableau Online
  • Managing permissions on Tableau Online
  • Data security using User-based and Row-level filters


it is highly recommended to undergo the training. The training programs can equip you with exam readiness, eLearning and pragmatic knowledge required for acing Tableau exams.

Yes, role experience and time using tableau with various data sense and scenarios is crucial.

One fact is every exam is tough if you are not properly prepared for it. If you want to be successful, you need to complete the corresponding Tableau classroom training course effectively.

Well, the cost of tableau certification course entirely depends on the course program you pick.

Typically, Tableau is a brilliant business intelligence and data visualization tool used for analysing and reporting vast volumes of data.

During your training, you learn to use Tableau effectively. It is a user-friendly tool that allows users to effortlessly build complex charts and graphs similar to the pivot graphs built with Microsoft Excel tool.

On the base level Tableau is a technical and data-related skill that lets you comprehend large amounts of data and present it in different formats for better decision-making.

Of course it is. In a world where Tableau is one of the fastest evolving BI and data visualisation tool, learning the tool is absolutely easy and intuitive.

No, Tableau doesn’t involve coding.