This 5-day training course has been specially developed for those seeking to improve their skills in site management, documentation and contract close-out procedures. It teaches current practice and provides tools and concepts appropriate to those in the construction industry through narrative explanation, case studies and workshops. This course will also discuss the ways of dealing with construction claims. All participants will be given a CD copy of the power point presentations of this course.


To have an overview of the various procedures used in site management, documentation and contract close-out procedures. At the end of this course, the participant should gain an understanding of the construction process, and understand the management skills that will improve the communication skill between the various parties involved with construction. Participants will be taught how to record their on-site observations and prepare reports to improve the quality of their documentation. The course objective is to update candidates on the most difficult aspects of site visits and inspections, their role in contract close-outs and construction claims.

Who should Attend

The course will be of major use for those professionals responsible for site management services for residential, commercial and institutional projects, including architects, engineers, building and facility owners and managers, government agencies, contractors, project managers and technicians.


  • Introduction / Welcome
  • Overview of Construction Process
  • Construction Industry Components
  • Communication between Parties
  • Project Stages
  • Overview of Site Management
  • Contractual Responsibilities
  • Types of Inspection Services
  • Field Inspection Tools and Supplies
  • Inspection Reports
  • Construction Documentation
  • General Inspection Checklist
  • General Inspection Technique
  • Field and Plant Inspection Procedures
  • Basic Checklists
  • Overview of Construction
  • Construction Schedules
  • Progress Billings
  • Site Meetings
  • Changes
  • Contract Close-out
  • Deficiency Lists
  • Close out Documentation
  • Warranty Periods
  • Construction Claims

(For a very detailed Course Overview, please contact the Course Coordinator)

Additional Info.

He is skilled in conducting courses on the following topics:

  • Construction Methods and Materials
  • Inspection, Appraisal, Repairs and Maintenance of Buildings
  • Construction Methods and Materials
  • Construction, Maintenance and Restoration of Buildings & Structures
  • Design Errors, Construction Mistakes & Building Failures
  • Building Envelope Repair and Maintenance Management
  • Construction Claims
  • Building Facade Maintenance,
  • Preventative Maintenance of Buildings
  • Building Condition Assessment

He is a regular instructor in our academy in the area Civil & Architectural Courses.