Pavement Design of Roads Training Course

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The course will discuss three methods of pavement design which comprise of the Soil Factor (SF) design method, R-value design method and an introduction to MN PAVE for thickness design. The course will review the importance of and tools for the following elements of roadway design:

  • Data collection and accurate traffic projections.
  • Subgrade soil evaluation and best practices for enhancement.
  • Pavement section materials and specifications.
  • Best construction practices and their effect on pavement life.


  • Review soil factor and R-value thickness design
  • Introduction to MN PAVE for thickness design (including practical exercises)
  • Review subgrade soil evaluation and best construction practices
  • Overview subgrade soil enhancement practices
  • Review pavement section materials and best construction practices

Who should Attend

 Civil engineers and technicians responsible for pavement designs.


  • Types of road pavement
  • Soil Characteristics
  • Pavement Layers
  • Traffic Loads
  • Design of Asphalt Mixes using Marshall design method
  • Stresses in Flexible pavements
  • Design of flexible pavement using AASHTO design method
  • Performance based tests of asphalt pavement