Process Plant Commissioning Start Up & Troubleshooting

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The initial start-up of any plant, irrespective of size, type, or industry, is a unique occurrence. Therefore, start-up poses some special problems. Lack of experience in dealing with these problems has frequently resulted in prolonged and costly startups. This course will provide guidelines for all those involved in the execution of a project on how to achieve a successful plant start-up. The requirements for start-up oriented thinking at all stages of the project, from engineering to commissioning, will be demonstrated. The course material covers estimating of start-up costs, personnel requirements, and resources. It defines the vital role of project management and plant personnel in the preparation and planning for successful start-up of any process plant. Emphasis is on effective planning and use of available resources, both material and manpower.


At the end of the course, the delegates will be able to: Upon completion of this course, delegates will gain knowledge of the problems and their sources, associated with first-time start-ups. You will have the necessary skills for anticipating and avoiding financial, technical, operational, and organizational problems associated with start-up

Who should Attend

This course is designed for project managers, plant managers, plant supervisors, technical staff and contractor personnel involved in project execution and plant start-up in any process industry. The greatest benefit arises from the application of these start-up oriented ideas throughout a project, beginning at the conceptual phase. The practical techniques and examples provide useful insights that are valuable at any stage of project execution and preparation for start-up.


  • Terms And Tools
  • Introduction
  • Start-Up Problems
  • Discussion
  • Start-Up Planning
  • Start-Up Cost Prediction
  • Minimizing Equipment Problems
  • Discussions and Case Studies
  • Management
  • Start-Up Safety and Environmental Issues
  • Start-Up Management
  • Start-Up Manpower
  • Start-Up Leadership
  • Discussion Case Studies
  • In The Field
  • Construction Inspection
  • Construction Completion—the Beginning of Start-Up
  • Commissioning—The Heart of Start-Up
  • Start-Up Operations
  • Discussion & Case Studies
  • Start- up troubleshooting
  • Technical issues: instrumentation and measuring devices; all other causes; root-cause analysis; data reconciliation; history vs. hysteria; facts; assessing likelihood; testing of hypothesis
  • Solutions: avoiding expensive “fixes;” avoiding ineffective “fixes;” safety issues; engineering requirements and standards in the field
  • Implementing changes: operational measures; co-operation; plan trails, quality blames vs. success
  • Normal shutdown; pre-shutdown planning; shutdown sequence steps; sudden or emergency shutdown
  • Decommissioning and demolition; decommissioning/ demolition plan; operation and maintenance roles; decommissioning procedures; maintenance of decommissioned status; demolition concerns.