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This training course has been hand-crafted to power the potential of women in leadership positions using a healthy mix of practical management frameworks and actionable leadership case stories from across the globe.

Leadership in the current scenario, has become increasingly more complex. Organizations in both the public and private sectors are facing changes and challenges never seen before on account of political, economic, sociological, technological, legal and environmental dimensions.

In order to successfully meet these challenges, organizations need to ensure that their leaders and managers at all levels have a comprehensive understanding of their roles, goals and required competencies. This Leadership Skills training course is focused on meeting this requirement, with special emphasis to Women in Leadership.

This action-oriented course will help attending senior-level participants to uncover best practices in strategic thought-leadership and then put it into productive action.


After the successful completion of this comprehensive training course, the participants will be able to:

  1. Understand the Corporate Leadership Environment in the global scenario.
  2. Uncover the unique and refreshing perspectives that face women in leadership.
  3. Appreciate the importance of character in modern management.
  4. Discover the four dimensions of behavioral styles and how they relate.
  5. Understand how to be a Champion of Change with each individual style.
  6. Unlock the power of competencies in leadership and utilize them to their advantage.
  7. Clarify your role as a leader and manager within the Core Competencies Framework.
  8. Work with and understand a proven model for Developing a Successful Strategy
  9. Learn the proven strategies for building and leading high performance teams.
  10. Recognize the parallels and differences between ineffective and effective teams.
  11. Discover techniques for improving their personal performance as a team leader.
  12. Study the different team player styles and their impact on team performance.
  13. Devise a strategy to manage the team through the stages of development.
  14. Examine the art of motivating employees in their own unique motivation style.
  15. Practice handling and dealing with conflicts using best practices in conflict management.
  16. Review strategies for handling difficult people, especially for female leaders.
  17. Learn to define and develop Corporate Vision, Mission and Values Framework.
  18. Study key models for strategic management in modern organizations.
  19. Develop and apply tools and techniques to create and implement strategic plans.
  20. Practically utilize the strategy map, balanced scorecard and key performance indicators.


  • Group Live and Instructor-led Classroom Track
  • PowerPoint presentation, with pointed breaks to stimulate discussion by the participants.

Participative Classroom Activities, including:

  • Ice-Breakers and Energizers
  • Behavioral Role Plays
  • Focused Video Playback
  • Guided Group Discussions
  • Leadership Forums
  • Management Case Studies
  • Experiential learning exercises


  • Female Business Leaders, Functional Heads and Senior Managers handling a strategic position at their organization, including a decision-making authority and responsibility.
  • Corporate Practitioners, including specialists, consultants, managers, supervisors and employees with some related experience who wish to advance their functional expertise and competence.


    • Pre-Assessment to gauge current level of conceptual understanding and customize training delivery.
    • Session-based Practical Exercises, Reflective Quiz and Peer-group Notes Sharing and Evaluation
    • Final Course Assessment, in a test environment, capturing course retention and learning.



    • Definitions and concepts of Leadership and Management
    • Importance of having qualified Leaders in the organization
    • Critical Leadership Competencies for Modern Leaders
    • Difference between Strategic versus Operational Thinking
    • Understanding Strategic Purpose, Values, Vision and Mission
    • Working with Strategy Maps, Balanced Scorecard and KPIs
    • Reality check


    • Importance of Diversity in the Leadership force
    • Debate of Gender Gaps in Leadership
    • Geographical Analysis – Women in Leadership
    • Women Leaders Leading the Way
    • Key Advantages of having Women in Leadership
    • Conquering Challenges for Women in Leadership
    • Role play


    • Who are the Role Models for Women in Leadership?
    • Anatomy of a Charismatic Leader
    • Power of People Skills for Effective Leadership
    • Modern Leadership – Key Behavioral Styles
    • Introverted Leadership vs. Extroverted Leadership
    • Exploring Your Preferred Behavioral Style
    • Emotional Intelligence for the Smart Leader
    • Combating Emotional Blind spots
    • Overcoming Gender Bias
    • Appropriate self-disclosure
    • Case study


    • Understanding the Importance of Stakeholders
    • Conducting Stakeholder Health Checks
    • Facilitating Active Stakeholder Engagement
    • Practicing Effective Leadership Communication
    • Powering Leadership by the Element of Trust
    • Building and Managing High Performance Teams
    • Harnessing creativity in subordinates through aligned leadership
    • Managing Change and Resolving Workplace Conflicts
    • Gender Blocks to Stakeholder Communication
    • Case study


    • Leadership through Synergy – Participative Leadership
    • Turning Tables using Compassion – Accountable leadership
    • Utilizing Creativity and Inspiration Ideas – Innovative Leadership
    • Understanding the Dynamics of Balance – Resilient Leadership
    • Optimizing Environment with Communication – Conversational Leadership
    • Getting on top of Organizational Change – Transformative Leadership
    • Creating PLAP – Personal Leadership Action Plan
    • Practical exercise