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The efficiency of a port/terminal is important because the ship owners are interested in quick ship turnaround in order to reduce costs and be on time. The ship owners also have an interest in the cargo being handled with no cargo claims. In order to have satisfied customers and to base decisions the port/terminal operators must have factual information on the actual operational performance of the handling of cargo within the port/terminal. This course is intended to present basic indicators common for any port/terminal operation and for any type of cargo. Because of its complexity the course will use general cargo operation as an example.


Upon the successful completion of this course, the participants will have an understanding of:

  • The creation of port/terminal operational performance indicators
  • Calculating the different indicators
  • The practical meaning and the use of indicators for building good arguments to convince the port/terminal management that bad performance needs to be improved and Calculating the different indicators,
  • Arguments for purchasing/not purchasing port equipment

Who should Attend

This course is mainly directed towards operational managers and upper and middle management officials in ports and terminals. The course is of interest for any person working in a port/terminal to learn and realize the importance of customer satisfaction.


  • Ship berth operations
  • Port performance indicators (KPI)
  • Ship operation
  • Transfer operation
  • Storage operation
  • Receipt delivery operation
  • Berth management
  • Operations planning
  • Quality assurance related to KPI

Case Studies: During the course the chapters will be illustrated by examples and case studies. The examples and the case studies are mainly referable to general cargo handling terminals but the concept is valid for any type of port/terminal.

Additional Info: The course is based on an UNCTAD study on ports’ key performance indicators (KPI).