Xceed Academy has a vision of being a continuously innovating organization that is able to remarkably and completely address all workforce development requirements of every industry that we serve across the globe.


In order to catalyze our usefulness for clients, our delivery at Xceed Academy is guided by our distinguishing core values which define our vision and mission.

We take immense pride in putting our five key core values into abbreviated alphabets that primarily reflect our company name XCEED.

Client Commitment


Our first core value is what we call - ‘The X factor’

Xceed Academy has the orientation and preference to the trailblazing trend setter in every domain of our operations instead of following the beaten path. The ‘X Factor’ refers to our unique and freshly curated interventions, solutions and methodologies which marks each project that we handle and execute across domains and functions for our clients. Our X Factor helps us focusing on engagement better, get projects delivered faster, and continuously meet and often exceed client expectations.


Our second core value is our ‘Client Commitment’

We execute each project by being Client-focused, Client-driven, Client-centric and Client Customizable. Our constitution of governance revolves around the commitment to provide value to clients by being –

  • For the Client,
  • Of the Client; and
  • By the Client.


Our third core value is ‘Enthusiasm’

We are a young organization and we love our energy, passion and enthusiasm. We live by the age old adage that if you pursue your passions professionally, you will not have to work a single day in your life. In the same backdrop, we have our own versions of intelligent and creative Tom Sawyers engrossed so deeply at work, as if they are at play!


Our fourth core value is ‘Excellence’

Doing a particular job is one thing and excelling in it is quite another. Xceed Academy is an organization that was born to excel, by people who have been excelling in their respective careers, to help clients excel in theirs! Instead of building a reputation for ourselves as Jack of all Trades, we prefer being Master of a Few.


Our fifth core value is our ‘Dynamism’

We are not a rigid entity functioning like a traditional setup. We are highly dynamic, goal-driven and a diverse company that prides itself on innovation and change. We believe in the strength of unity in diversity as is evident from our workforce as well as the way we execute our projects. Being dynamic and driven, every single time!

Manager (businessman, coach, leadership) plan to increase company performance.


Xceed Academy understands that people are the prime movers of growth and are the most valuable resource of a company.

We work to create, nourish and foster a culture where every stakeholder is able to enjoy the benefits of a productive and happy workforce which is adequately trained in necessary skills and their skill sets match the job they are hired for.

Our belief is that the more you invest in your people, the higher their levels of commitment and enthusiasm, which directly translates to enhanced productivity and revenues and eventually – upward business growth.

“Values are like fingerprints, nobody’s are the same, But you leave them all over everything you do!”

— Elvis Presley