Performance Management Training : Setting Objectives & KPIS

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Consistently successful companies create high expectations, set highly demanding goals, and consistently achieve excellent results. In order to fulfill its vision and ambitions, it is vital that an organization execute to the highest standards. Performance Management is a defined process for aligning organizational, team and individual goals, and for continually improving team and individual performance. The course highlights the advanced skills in achieving high performance management level.


To train the participants on the different styles of performance management systems as well as train them on the employees potential towards the enhancement of the work with all available tools

Who should Attend

personnel- Admin personnel


  • Introduction to performance management systems
  • Performance management process
  • KPI
  • Setting objectives
  • Goals of performance management process
  • Purpose of performance management
  • What is expected from employees
  • Employees real work
  • Reinforcements of performance in the employee’s current work assignment
  • Performance criteria
  • Performance evaluation with yearly cycle
  • The organization’s recognition
  • The performance curve
  • The organizational potential
  • Standard performance profile
  • Desired performance profile

Additional Info: 

Practical and theoretical work will be used.