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Delegates will learn the terminology and key building blocks of knowledge for crude oil and petroleum. Topics explored include crude oil quality, product refining, blending and specifications, market fundamentals, technical analysis and risk management.


  • Over view on oil and gas industry
  • Know the origin of Petroleum
  • How to discover Oil & Gas?
  • Get familiarly with oil industries orientation and stages
  • How to drill Oil & Gas wells?
  • How to evaluate and estimate the discover oil
  • Get familiarly with oil economic
  • How to development and produce the oil & Gas wells?
  • Know the methods of process & treatment the crude oil & Gas
  • Get familiarly with storage and shipment the crude oil
  • Get familiarly with crude Oil Refinery operations
  • Appling the HSEQ and Risk assessment in Oil industry

Who should Attend

Petroleum engineers and however interested in the subject matter


  • Introduction to oil and gas industry
  • Exploration phase
  • Appraisal phase
  • Development phase
  • Production phase
  • Origin of Petroleum
  • Petroleum Geology
  • Oil Traps
  • How to discover oil? (Video Film)
  • Petroleum Exploration methods
  • Drilling Oil Wells
  • Types of Rigs
  • Rig components
  • How to drill well? (Video Film)
  • Drilling operations
  • Petroleum production
  • How to evaluate and estimate the Oil Reservoir
  • Oil field development (offshore & onshore)
  • Methods of production
  • How to produce oil? (Video Film)
  • Crude Oil treatment operations
  • Methods of crude oil treatment (Video Film)
  • Storage and shipment the crude oil
  • How to improve and increase the production
  • Types of Reservoir
  • Petroleum Components
  • Petroleum Economic
  • How to evaluate the crude Oil (API) measurement
  • How to evaluate the Gas product (BTU)
  • Crude oil Refinery Operations
  • Refinery Products
  • Appling the HSEQ & Risk assessment in Oil industry
  • What is new in Oil & Gas industry?