NLP Practitioner Training Course and Certifications


The NLP Practitioner Certification Program is an accelerated learning curriculum designed to activate your mind’s limitless potential. This is a program if you want a bulletproof memory, unshakeable focus, and superhuman productivity. Whether you’re a professional, entrepreneur, student, or just someone looking to unlock the full power of your mind – you’ll experience life-changing elevations in your career and personal growth as you shatter every inner limitation that has ever dared hold you back.


I love one quote of Eric Hoffer,


“In times of change learners will inherit the earth while the learned will equipped themselves beautifully for the world that no longer exists”


This is so true in today’s world, it is indeed without any doubt a time of change and only those who have super mind learning ability will inherit the earth as it is also mentioned by Eric Hoffer as .


“To learn you need certain degree of confidence, not too much and not too little. If you have too little confidence you will think you can’t learn. If you have too much, you will think you don’t have to learn.”


In today’s world, there are more books, apps, courses, and media being published than ever before. Information technology is expanding at unstoppable speed. And along with it comes increasingly higher expectations and competition to not only thrive but also survive.


But here’s the challenge for most of us, school taught us what to learn and not how to learn. The result? Our brain’s raw processing power has been severely limited. We’re not thinking, remembering, and focusing anywhere near our real potential, and all of us have a tremendous advantage in this emerging new world but because not knowing how to use our potential we are not taking advantage.


Through the NLP Practitioner Training Course you will learn how to unlock the real potential to take advantage of this new emerging time of change. The NLP Practitioner Certification has tremendous benefits. Some of them are listed as follows:

  • The NLP Practitioner Certification program gives individuals clarity on their purpose, vision and values. 
  • In addition to helping people overcoming their limiting beliefs, the NLP Practitioner Certification program also instils enhanced self-confidence in them. 
  • The NLP Practitioner Certification program can help individuals to break the confined boundaries of self-perception. 
  • As NLP is based on changing the patterns of emotional and psychological behaviour, it can also enable individuals to have a better work-life balance, 
  • The NLP Practitioner Certification course can strengthen leadership capabilities in enterprise architects. 
  • Besides, the NLP Practitioner Certification course can also shape the skillset of executives to create more freedom and choice over their mindset.


What is an NLP Practitioner Training Course?

An NLP Practitioner Training Course is based on the principles of Neuro-Linguistic Programming. NLP (neuro-linguistic programming) is a psychological strategy that entails evaluating successful people’s strategies and applying them to achieve a personal objective. It establishes a link between thoughts, language, and behavioural patterns and specified consequences. The NLP Practitioner Training Course includes all the fundamentals that are essential to understand NLP principles from the core. The program aims at bringing out the best in individuals with holistic training principle.


The NLP Practitioner Training Course is a highly effective system that can help people to gain control of their life. With the NLP Practitioner Training Course individuals can learn to use language with better precision, improve their communication and strengthen decision making abilities. 

NLP Practitioner Certification Course Curriculum

Module  01

FAST method of learning anything

  • Memory habits
  • Notes Taking Techniques
  • who help me remember?
  • super mind keys
  • Nutritions and your Body.
  • Enviroment is your looking glass.
  • Sleep and stress management
Module  02

Good Morning Do’s.

  • Memory Technique A(1)(CL)
  • Memory TechniqueA(2)(CL)
  • Memory Technique B-(The PM Method)
  • Juggling exercise
  • BESUAVE remembering names
  • Memory is amazing…
Module  03

FDR Technique

  • Super Mind Yoga
  • Remember anything technique
  • Keyword substitution method
  • Learn Languages
  • Giving speech without notes
Module  04

The Location Method

  • Memorize word for word
  • Cross Over
  • Number -The Basics
  • Ancient Alphanumeric code of memory part 1
  • Ancient Alphanumeric Code of memory part 2
  • Phonetic number code
Module  05

5 Level of Transformation

  • 5 level of learning
  • Overcoming procrastination
  • 8c’s of muscle memory
  • Remembering your dreams
  • Speed Reading



#1 Who discovered NLP?

NLP was fundamentally created by Richard Bandler John Grinder.


#2 What are the advantages of opting for a NLP Practitioner Course?

As we have stated before, the NLP Practitioner Course has many benefits including better access to your senses, increased control over life, less anxiety, etc. 


#3 Can a NLP Practitioner Course help me to overcome stress?

Yes, it can. As an NLP Practitioner Course focuses on the principle of programming brain with the help of language, in a way an NLP Practitioner Course can help you to overcome stress. 


#4 Give me an example of NLP?

The example of NLP includes changing the habitual linguistic patterns and body language for productive results. 


#5 Does NLP really work?

Yes, it does. There are many success stories related to NLP and we are more than eager to be that success story.