NLP Master Practitioner Training Course & Certification


NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming Master Training) is the art and science of using the language of the mind to consistently produce your desired results, to enhance your performance and to attain excellence in anything that you do. With NLP Master Practitioner Training you can better train your brain to take control and manage communications seamlessly. 


NLP stands for Neuro Linguistic Programming. Neuro refers to your neurology; Linguistic refers to language; programming refers to how that neural language functions. In other words, learning NLP Master Practitioner Training is like learning the language of your own mind!


Let’s make this simpler with an example.


Have you ever tried to communicate with someone who didn’t speak your language, and they couldn’t understand you? The classic example of this is when someone goes out to a restaurant in a foreign country and they think they ordered grilled chicken, but when the food shows up, it turns out they actually asked for fried chicken.              


This is the kind of relationship that most of us have with our own unconscious mind. We might think we are “ordering up” more money, a happy, healthy relationship, peace with our family members, and being able to stick to a healthy diet…but unless that’s what showing up, then something is probably getting lost in translation.


In an NLP Master Practitioner Training course, we have a saying: the conscious mind is the goal setter, and the unconscious mind is the goal getter. Your unconscious mind is not out to get you–rather, it’s out TO GET FOR YOU whatever you want in life. However, if you don’t know how to communicate what you want properly, it will keep bringing steaming bowls of fried chicken out of the kitchen.


In fact, go ahead right now and think of, if there was one thing you could change, one habit you could break, what would it be?


Life Coaching

Coaching is enabling others to do the same. 

This NLP Master Practitioner Training course combines Coaching and is backed by the latest scientific research in organizational behavior and psychology. Life Coaches empower you to take action towards your personal and professional goals .


Life Coaching Dubai teaches you how to set worthy goals so that you not only set but achieve it as well and help others to do the same.


Honesty, Fun, and a Thirst for Learning

In today’s fastest-growing advancement where leaderships are questionable, integrity is the foundation of NLP Master Practitioner Training Dubai. We believe that to start a change; honesty should be the key factor among our team. So we’re honest to our students!

We tend to create an environment during hypnotherapy Dubai that enriches the experience of our students taking NLP training Dubai. Our entire circle of leaders, coaches, practitioners, parents, and in fact, friends play a vital role in learning and growing.


Once you are an NLP Practitioner, you would like to further master the NLP techniques which enables you to create more NLP practitioners. This 4 days intensive NLP master practitioner certification course would be ideal for you. You get to learn 20 odd NLP techniques and also get a chance to spend a lot of time on real-time NLP case studies and success stories. This Master Neuro-Linguistic Practitioner program also emphasizes on both Life and Executive coaching through NLP and makes you familiar with advanced Models for coaching.


The NLP Master Practitioner Certification program by Indian Leadership Academy helps you build on your already existing knowledge of NLP and learn the advanced tools and techniques which work on both conscious and unconscious levels of your mind. You will get to learn how the techniques can be effectively applied in your professional as well as personal life. Get to understand the important applied psychological principles and tools that support the masterful the practice of NLP.


Learning Outcomes

By the end of the program you will be able to:

  • Enhance your NLP knowledge and skills to a master level
  • Maximise your capacity to modal and learn any skill for yourself
  • NLP case studies in life coaching and executive coaching areas
  • Get acquainted with life coaching and executive coaching areas through NLP case studies
  • Learn to make use of powerful linguistic patterns for influencing and modifying behaviors in people in all contexts
  • Influence your team using NLP techniques for personal and professional development
  • The program makes you familiar with advanced models for coaching
Module  01


  • Neuroscience and advance language patterns- Learn how to use language masterfully and at a higher level to generate change, influence, persuade and communicate with greater success.
  • Meta Programs- Learn the different automatic unconscious programmed patterns, personality traits and character traits that are running unconsciously and causing their preferences and inclinations.
  • Logos Pathos Ethos- Learn how to deliver exciting and gripping presentations and training, and be articulate, confident and entertaining. You learn how to get yourself into the training state, how to lead your audience, create their states and keep their interest.
  • How to coach NLP Practitioners- Learn how to Coach NLP Practitioners and work with them to achieve their goals. NLP Practitioners might need hand holding for both professional and personal coaching and as a Master Practitioner we need to understand the framework on how can we constantly coach and keep them motivated and work with them for a result driven coaching framework.
Module  02


  • Clare Graves Model- Following on from Meta Programs, where you learned about character and personality patterns, we now add the deep unconscious drivers and unconscious core values, our deepest programs and unconscious presuppositions.
  • Meta Model and Milton Model- There are so many skilful ways to reframe. Increase your ability to reframe, comment on and change the direction on any debate, argument or situation. These distinctions make it easier to chunk up, down or sideways, throw doubt on the other persons position and know when to use Meta Model or Milton Model when locked into a communication.
  • More Techniques
  • Practice Sessions
Module  03


  • Modeling- There are so many skilful ways to reframe. Increase your ability to reframe, comment on and change the direction on any debate, argument or situation. These distinctions make it easier to chunk up, down or sideways, throw doubt on the other person’s position and know when to use Meta Model or Milton Model when locked into a communication.
  • Negotiation Skills with NLP- Learn how to run fair, ethical, win/win negotiations, and how to prevent or avoid being manipulated, bullied or tricked in a negotiation. Understanding “Hard Ball”, soft ball and win/win negotiations allow you to recognize the game the other is playing so you can adjust accordingly.
  • More Techniques
  • Coaching Session with Real Time Client
Module  04

Advanced NLP Techniques

  • Timeline and Advanced NLP Techniques- Program recap, advanced Timeline techniques, sub- modality shifts and other therapeutic interventions. Take your therapy skills to a whole new level with greater ease and efficiency, leaving your client in a wonderfully great and happy state.
  • Metastates- States about states, thoughts about thoughts and feelings about feeling. A higher Meta position take on experience. States that override other states, for example one can feel frustrated about being depressed or feel angry about feeling shy. We have certain “theme” states that can habituate and override the expected feelings relevant to a certain stimulus or situation.
  • Road Ahead



#1 Is an NLP Master Practitioner Training worth it?

When you are curious about exploring communication and genuinely improving your decision making abilities, NLP Master Practitioner Training can be worth it. 


#2 According to you what are the most important NLP tool in the NLP Master Practitioner Training?

According to us, the most vital tool of the NLP Master Practitioner Training program is imagery training. Also known as mental rehearsal, Imagery training is one of the classic NLP techniques based on visualization. 


#3 What are the pillars of your NLP training?

The four pillars of our NLP training include outcomes, behavioral flexibility, sensory acuity and rapport. 


#4 Who can benefit from the NLP techniques?

Irrespective of your field of expertise or position, NLP principles can be applied in different fields. 


#5 How can NLP be used in our daily life?

NLP can be used in daily life to sharpen the senses and develop intuition for holistic growth.