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Integration is the buzzword of the industry. Our Jenkins Training focuses on developing skills to use them to the maximum extent. Integrate, collaborate, automate, build, document, test, package, and conduct static analysis of leading software today. Increase the productivity of software development processes for your organisation. The Jenkins training program that we offer helps you develop an idea of how to use the platform accurately.

What Will You Learn?

  • Develop your understanding of DevOps by learning continuous inspection, continuous integration, and deployment 
  • Learn the key concepts associated with DevOps and the pipeline for Jenkins Continuous Delivery systems
  • Explore the Jenkins Pipeline to enable building, testing, and deployment of projects seamlessly
  • Creation of a multi-stage Jenkins profile 
  • Visualise the complicated Jenkins pipeline with the built-in plugin on Jenkins
  • Use the Jenkins Pipeline and Jenkinsfile to enable CI as code
  • Use Jenkins and work with Docker containers to create and supply deliverables appropriately

Using our Jenkins Training, you can master the pipeline of the application and automate your organisation’s software development process. Jenkins training programs help you become a skilled wizard in developing software according to specific requirements.

What Are The Requirements to Enrol?

The Jenkins Training we provide deals with the functionality of this open-source platform. That’s why you’ll need to have a basic understanding of software development processes. Knowledge of Java is helpful, however, it is not necessary! If you’re enrolling for this course, a zeal to learn is essential. Additionally, knowledge of Git, Maven, Linux, is preferred, but not necessary. 

What Are the Benefits?

The benefit of Xceed’s Jenkins Training is that you can integrate Jenkins freely with a multitude of available platforms. You’ll learn how to script unique CI solutions using the Jenkins pipeline. This training will open up a world of options for you.

Why Choose Xceed?

With us, you learn via hands-on experiences. Our dedicated facilities are built to help you learn through implementation. Our instructors use a facilitative and interactive pedagogy. This will help you develop a sound understanding of Jenkins. Xceed’s Jenkins Training uses an updated curriculum that’s industry-relevant. Thus, if you want to excel in your DevOps career, take our Jenkins Training. 

You can contact us for more information regarding the Jenkins TrainingWe’ll be happy to walk you through the course details before you get enrolled! 

Course Overview

XCEED’s Jenkins Certification Training is curated by industry experts to provide expertise in Jenkins – a popular CI/CD tool. The course we will dive into the Jenkins pipeline, how Jenkins works, reporting, email & build plugins, secure Jenkins, Tomcat 7 and other related concepts. With our Jenkins Training program, you will get an in-depth knowledge of these concepts and will be able to work on related projects. The Jenkins Certification course creates an understanding about how the industry uses Jenkins for continuous integration purposes.

Course Objectives

  • Create and configure Jenkins jobs for your project
  • Configure Jenkins plugin and also create Jenkins Build and Jenkins Workspace.
  • Setup email notification using SMTP plugin for your project
  • Demonstrate the activation and use of PMD and Findbugs jenkins plugin
  • Understand jenkins with gradle and shell script Build system
  • Install and uninstall plugins and perform remote testing.
  • Perform automated and continuous deployment and install and configure Tomcat server
  • Configure jenkins build pipeline in your project.
  • Understand pipeline syntax and demonstrate pipeline running
  • Enable and Disable plugins.


Introduction to Continuous Integration

  • Introduction to Continuous Integration(CI)
  • Advantages of Continuous Integration
  • Introduction to Jenkins
  • Applications of Jenkins
  • Getting Started with Jenkins
  • Jenkins Architecture and terms of jenkins
  • Overview of Jenkins UI
  • Configuring Jenkins: Configure System, Environment Variables, URL
  • Creating a Jenkins job
  • Configuring a Jenkins job

Jenkins Plugins

  • Jenkins Plugins
  • Common Plugins
  • Global tool Configuration
  • Jenkins Integration -Java, Git, Maven
  • Jenkins Build
  • Jenkins Workspace

Hands- on

  • Creating a Maven Project
  • Create and deploy a Maven project on Tomcat

Build Jobs and Jenkins Security

  • Creating a Freestyle Build Job
  • Build Triggers and Build Steps
  • Pre-Build and Post-Build Actions
  • Running New Build Job
  • Parameterized Builds and Distributed Builds
  • Distributed Jenkins Build
  • Configuring a Distributed Build
  • Setting Up Email Notifications
  • SMTP Plugins and Configurations
  • Securing Jenkins

Metrics to Improve Quality

  • Code Coverage in Jenkins
  • Looking for Foul Code through Code Coverage
  • Activation and Use of PMD Jenkins plugin 
  • Activation and Use of Findbugs Jenkins plugin
  • Validation in Jenkins
  • Reporting in Jenkins
  • Jenkins with Script Builds
  • Jenkins with Gradle Script Build System
  • Jenkins with Shell Script Build System

Hands – On

  • Gradle Project with Jenkins
  • Shell Script and web server With Jenkins

Managing and Monitoring Jenkins

  • Managing Jenkins
  • Gathering System Information
  • User Management
  • Monitoring Jenkins 
  • Reporting and Code Analysis Plugin
  • Server Maintenance
  • Backup Plugin
  • Managing Plugins
  • Install, Uninstall and Update Plugin 
  • Remote Testing in Jenkins

Hands – On

  • Managing Plugins on Jenkins
  • Managing Users on Jenkins

Automated and Continuous Deployment

  • Deployment Overview
  • Install and Configure Tomcat
  • Jenkins Build Pipeline
  • Parallel Jenkins build
  • Archive generated Artifacts
  • Jenkins Integrations
  • Scaling Jenkins

Hands On:

  • Deployment of Java App as per Jenkins project
  • Deployment of Java app with Jenkins pipeline
  • Jenkins Integration with GitHub
  • Horizontal and vertical scaling of Jenkins

Jenkins Pipeline

  • Pipeline
  • Importance of Jenkins Pipeline
  • Pipeline Concepts
  • Pipeline Syntax
  • Running Pipelines
  • Pipeline Plugins
  • Plugins Responsible for Jenkins Pipeline
  • Enable and Disable Jenkins Plugin
  • Install Plugins
  • Uninstall Plugins


  • Pipeline code project
  • Enable Jenkins Pipeline Plugin