ISO 10002:2018 Customer Satisfaction Training Course

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This International Standard is a beneficial tool for an Organization to win the confidence of Customers & Interested Parties and thereby improve its reputation in the global market. This International Standard is applicable for all types of Organisations regardless of size, location & sector. The complaints handling process is suitable for use as one of the processes of an overall Quality Management System.This International Standard is not intended for Certification or for contractual purposes.

Course Objective:

To provide the participant with detailed knowledge on the concepts of “customer satisfaction”; “handling customer complaints” and the requirements of ISO 10002.


  • Establishing openness with stakeholders;
  • Creating a customer- focused environment: Recognizing the needs and expectations of customers;
  • Ability to improve product/service to Customers;
  • Customer Loyalty & retention;
  • Cost & Savings
  • Improved business performance, reputation & contribution to the “value chain”;


  • Course Content:
    • Introduction to “Customer Satisfaction” and the importance of handling customer complaints effectively.
    • Understanding the basic terminology involved in ISO 10002.
    • Understanding the relationship with ISO 9001, ISO 9001, ISO 10001,ISO 10003 & ISO 10004.
    • “Guiding Principles” in handling customer complaints.
    • The framework of the process: Commitment; Policy; Responsibility & Authority; Objectives & Resources.
    • “P-D-C-A approach” to handling complaints.
    • Maintenance, monitoring & continual improvement of the customer handling process.
    • Benefits of effective implementation.