Inspection & Maintenance For Concrete Structure

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This intensive course covers the different defects that might occur in reinforced concrete structures and the proper inspection and maintenance needed to keep these structures in good conditions and extend their life time. The technical and managerial requirements are emphasized through presenting the different inspection techniques, defects and flaws in reinforced concrete structures, and recommended maintenance technique according to each case and when the need for each of them in order to maintain the integrity of buildings and the working age of the infrastructure. The defects in buildings and infrastructure will be discussed. TQM and ISO 9003 methods will also be presented. The trainees will build up maintenance strategies plans and thorough team work to enhance their inspection and management skills.


Upon completion of this course, a participant should be able to:

  • Understand the basic concepts of maintenance and inspection of reinforced concrete structure
  • Know the types, causes, and spreading of flaws in concrete structure
  • Earn the skills of different inspection techniques for reinforced concrete structures
  • Learn the main criteria of the corrective maintenance
  • Know the proper maintenance for different concrete defects

Who should Attend

This course is intended for civil, electrical and mechanical engineers whose work is related to inspection and maintenance of concrete structure.  Hence, this course can be potentially useful to those responsible for building and facilities maintenance and maintenance management.


  • Reasons of defects in reinforced concrete structures
  • Types of cracks and flaws of reinforced concrete
  • Impact on the components of concrete cracks
  • Diagnosis of the causes of flaws in reinforced concrete structures
  • Assessing the status of the existing concrete buildings
  • Concrete tests
  • How to judge the safety of concrete structures
  • Integrated technical report
  • Types of maintenance (preventive predictive periodic )
  • The history of the concept of quality
  • Confirmation and quality control in the construction industry and construction
  • Standards and codes practice related to reinforced concrete structures
  • Means of prevention of an armed concrete cracks
  • Maintenance of concrete structures
    • Maintenance strategy
    • Cost of maintenance
  • Protection of concrete structures
  • Case study