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Top 10 Health, Safety & Environment (HSE) Training Courses In Dubai

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What is HSE training course (Health, Safety and Environment)?

Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) or Safety, Health and Environment (SHE) or Environmental, Health and Safety (EHS) is one of the extremely important departments of an organization. It deals with the identification and protection of occupational health and safety rules and regulations as well as with the environmental protection of an organization. HSE looks after the health and safety of people while they are on-job in industries like oil and gas, construction, chemicals, confined spaces, plastics, pharmaceuticals, etc.

Objectives of HSE training course

The Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) of an organization is in charge of

  • Prevention of and protection against accidents during the operation of businesses.
  • Reduction of risks.
  • Minimization of environmental hazards during the operation of businesses.
  • Working according to the regulations prescribed by the authorized bodies.
  • Making workspaces healthier and safer for every employee.
  • Improving performance of an organization in the long run.

The Health, Safety and Environment officers, or HSE officers, play an important role in keeping employees and contractors safe. HSE officers ensure businesses follow health and safety regulations as prescribed by the government and regulatory bodies. They also maintain an organization’s health and safety policies. They provide skill and knowledge to an employee who deals with machines, fire, explosions, and harmful substances in their work environment. They are also in charge of reducing the hazardous impact of a business on the environment.

Xceed Academy and its Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) Training Courses

Xceed Academy is one of the best HSE training institutes in Dubai and has been providing HSE training courses to employees in various sectors. Xceed Academy with its team of greatly experienced trainers and industry oriented HSE training courses has become one of the leading HSE training institutes in Dubai. It offers several popular HSE training courses in popular fields like oil and gas, safety management system, confined spaces, etc. A certificate in these courses, from a well-recognized HSE training institute such as Xceed Academy, will broaden the professional horizon of an individual and empower them to approach their duties in any organization in a systematic and efficient manner.

Xceed Academy offers a number of Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) Training Courses. Some of these courses are mentioned here:

1. Accident Incident Investigation & Reporting

The Accident Incident Investigation & Reporting Course offered by Xceed Academy, a successful HSE training institute, describes the terminologies and definitions to be used in the accident reporting and investigation procedure of the Occupational Health and Safety Management System (OHSMS).

It explains in detail the planning and the method of investigation as well as the different techniques adopted during an investigation. This HSE training course also imparts knowledge regarding corrective and preventive actions taken in order to avoid the reoccurrence of accidents and the reporting mechanism within an organization and to the external regulatory authority.

2. Risk Management Quantitative Risk Assessment

Xceed Academy’s HSE training course in Risk Management Quantitative Risk Assessment Course is aimed at safety and security personnel, and engineers etc. who are involved with Safety Management System of an organization. This HSE training provides knowledge regarding different types of hazards, risk assessment, various measures undertaken to control risks in workplaces, emergency preparedness, etc.

3. Confined Space Entry: Entrant & Attendant

As a leading HSE training institute in Dubai, Xceed Academy also offers the Confined Space Entry: Entrant & Attendant Course which is aimed at professionals who work in confined spaces. The course provides knowledge regarding the risky nature of confined spaces and also describes the roles and duties of the entrants and attendants.

4. Confined Space Entry for Supervisors

Xceed Academy, as part of its HSE training courses also offers a course in Confined Space Entry for Supervisors for advanced levels of instructions for supervisors. This online course identifies safety issues and explains various procedures concerned with the hazardous nature of working in confined spaces.

5. Fire Risk Assessor

The Fire Risk Assessor Course by Xceed Academy, a well-known HSE training company in Dubai, is for managers, health and safety professionals and fire marshals who can identify and observe the systematic evaluation of the factors that determine the hazard from `fire. The `completion of this particular HSE training course will ensure that these professionals become equipped with the knowledge to undertake fire risk assessments.

6. Authorized Gas Tester Training Course

Xceed Academy, as an established HSE training institute, also offers a certified Authorized Gas Tester Training Course that has been designed to benefit professionals who monitor flammable atmospheres in their workplaces. This course is designed to impart knowledge regarding laws and requirements of companies, safe working codes of practices, recognition of hazards and gases, etc.

7. Hot Work Safety Training and Certification

Hot Work Safety Training and Certification Course is also one of the popular HSE training courses offered by Xceed Academy. It provides knowledge regarding the duties and responsibilities of employees and workers to maintain safety in prevention and protection in hot works. This particular HSE training course is for employers, and professionals such as fire watch, hot work equipment operators, etc.

8. Ladder and Scaffold Safety Training Course

Xceed Academy offers Ladder and Scaffold Safety Training course for workers involved with the use of ladder and scaffold. This course is designed to provide knowledge for the proper use of ladders and scaffolds and to prevent injuries happening because of misuse of ladders and scaffolds.

9. Risk Assessment Training

Risk Assessment Training course has been designed to identify, evaluate, control and manage risks arising in a work environment. Xceed Academy offers this course to safety professionals and employees in operations who implement the safety management system.

10. Risk Crisis and Disaster Management

Xceed Academy’s Risk Crisis and Disaster Management course has been designed for managers who are in charge of introducing and developing security management systems in an organization.  This course provides knowledge about crisis, disaster, and emergency management and also provides information about the formation and operation of a Crisis Management Team.

Upcoming trends in HSE training courses around the world

Currently, there is a rise in Health, Safety, and Environment (HSE) trained and certified professionals in diverse sectors and at various levels in organizations all around the world. More and more organizations are moving towards the implementation of HSE in their businesses for the safety and protection of their employees who work in hazardous work environments.

According to the ISO Survey 2021, like in previous years, the demand for HSE-certified professionals will increase tremendously in the next few years. A well-established HSE training company in Dubai, Xceed Academy, is fulfilling this demand with its team of highly experienced trainers and distinct HSE training courses.

Xceed Academy works with various organizations in different sectors that require training in the HSE of its employees. With an HSE certificate even professionals and individuals in an entry-level job in a particular sector will have better means of obtaining employment and have an increased earning potential.

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