Hot Work Safety Training and Certification

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Welding and Hot Work, such as brazing or grinding present a significant opportunity for fire and injury. All precautions of this program must be applied prior to commencing any welding or hot work by company employees or contractors. Hot work presents an increased risk of fire and explosion hazards because it is most often performed in confined and enclosed spaces.


The syllabus of this course includes information on various types of hot works, risks and dangers, duties of employers and workers to maintain safety compliance, hazard prevention mechanisms, federal regulations, guided safety procedures while performing hot works and best practices to make workplaces safe and hazard-free.


This course is ideal for employers, employees assigned as Fire Watch, workers working as Permit-Authorizing Individual and those who are assigned as Hot Work Equipment Operators.


  • Responsibilities-Employers
  • Responsibilities-Permit-Authorizing Individual
  • Responsibilities-Fire Watch
  • Responsibilities-Operators
  • Hot Work Tools and Requirements
  • General Requirements for All Hot Work
  • Hot Work Hazards
  • Fire/Explosions
  • Burns-Thermal
  • Electric Shock
  • Additional Hazards
  • Hot Work Policy and Procedure
  • Fire Safety Procedures
  • Designated and Non-designated Hot Work Zones
  • Hot Work Permits
  • Ventilation Requirements
  • Permit-Required Confined Spaces
  • Portable Acetylene Generator Requirements
  • First-Aid
  • Hot Work Best Practices
  • Eye and Face Protection
  • Helmets and Hand Shields
  • Booths and Screens
  • Noise and Shock Protection


Having completed and passed the course, participants will be awarded with Certificate of Training.