Geological Analysis & Interpretation Course

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This is a full five-day course covering a wide range of geological operations on the rig site. This course consist of three Modules:

  • Petroleum Geology This Module will give the fundamentals of petroleum geology and show how they are applied through a case study.
  • Lithological Interpretation While Drilling This Module covering the procedures and difficulties involved in the interpretation of drill cuttings samples. Combine with the Petroleum Geology Module a comprehensive introduction to geology in the petroleum industry xx.
  • Introduction to Formation Pressure Evaluation The evaluation of formation pore and fracture pressures at the wellsite during drilling is a helpful tool to achieve a safe drilling operations.


The purpose of this Course is to outline an introduction to petroleum geology. In addition, it will provide a detailed series of guidelines and procedures which are necessary for cutting description to evaluate the formation while the well is being drilled. The formation evaluation while drilling provides assistance to the drilling operations and to incorporate data into the locally prepared geologic model. This Course provides also useful background information about sample lagging, use of drill parameters and MWD, contaminants, etc.

Who should Attend

This course is suitable for personnel who will be required to describe and interpret drill cuttings either at the wellsite or in the office. Also, it is useful for Oil Company drilling engineers who may be required to describe drill cuttings samples at the wellsite. The course is also useful to oil company Operations Geologists who may have no prior experience of these procedures.


Petroleum Geology Module

  • Petroleum system elements
  • Petroleum system processes
  • Basin types in different tectonic settings

Lithological Interpretation While Drilling Module

  • Cuttings Description
    • Clastic Rocks
    • Carbonate Rocks
    • Carbonaceous Rocks
    • Chemical Rocks
    • Igneous Rocks
    • Metamorphic Rocks

Introduction to Formation Pressure Evaluation

  • Abnormal Pressure- Definition, Causes –
    • Normal Pore Pressures
    • Abnormal Pore Pressure Gradients
    • Fracture Gradients
    • Mud Weights
    • Casing Seat Depths
  • What Causes Abnormal Pressure