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The Financial Risk Management training session by Xceed Academy is specifically designed and delivered by highly qualified and skilled financial risk professionals. Our state-of-the-art Financial Risk Management course focuses on best practices to assist you in protecting your company’s economic value using various finance mechanisms to lessen and reduce risk exposure in your firm. In order to reduce the risks in your organization, a financial professional should be experienced in managing risks of all types.


To help you determine the risks in your company and help you reduce them, this training session is a combined study about all the types of risks that require management in organizations. The course outline includes:

  • Foundation of Financial Risk Management
  • Types of Risks in an Organizations (Market Risk, Inflation Risk, Operational Risk, Credit Risk and Liquidity Risk)
  • Concepts of Risk Management
  • Financial Products and Financial Market
  • Quantitative Analysis
  • Risk Models and Evaluation
  • Financial Market Current Issues
  • Management and Measurement in Market Risks
  • Management and Measurement in Integrated and Operational Risks
  • Management and Measurement in Treasury and Liquidity Risks
  • Management and Measurement in Credit Risks
  • Investment and Risk Management


Financial professionals seeking to improve their knowledge about risk management and other people and individuals determined to get into the financial department of their company and learn about Financial and Risk Management are encouraged to apply. They will greatly benefit from the Financial Risk Management training session offered by Xceed Academy.


Different methodologies are implemented in the Financial Risk Management training session to keep the participants engaged and involved. These methods include:

  • Live Group Sessions
  • Engaging Discussions With Participants
  • PowerPoint Presentations
  • Professor-Led Classroom Track
  • Other Engaging Activities Include:


    • Ice Breakers
    • Live Accounting Activities
    • Case Studies About Financial Risks
    • Case Studies on Risk Management
    • Energizers
    • Video Playbacks


After successfully completing the Financial Risk Management training session, you will be able to:

  • Efficiently create various types of value in shareholder when they apply the different principles of financial risk management
  • Determine the risks worth taking and predict the proper potential rewards within
  • Possess the ability to take maximum advantage of a potential risk, ultimately generating value and profit for their company
  • Proficiently measure and manage all kinds of risks within the company
  • Properly evaluate and analyze every potential risk for the organization
  • Understand all concepts and principles regarding the financial risk management
  • Appropriately assess and utilize their financial risk management skills to create
  • opportunities for their company to gain more profit and become more successful


During the Financial Risk Management Training , the participants will be assessed pre-course, during the training and at the end of the training session via different methods that include:

  • A pre-assessment will be carried out to determine the participants’ current level and deliver the customized training course
  • During the training, a number of assessments are conducted through session-based reflective quizzes, practical exercises and evaluations
  • To ensure the retention and learning of the training, an end of course assessment is carried out in a test or exam environment.