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Financial analysis and business planning are essential parts of making a business or organization successful. Xceed Academy’s session on Financial Analysis and Evaluation for Business Planning provides you with the knowledge about how to analyze the financial aspects of an organization, usage of main tools and the evaluation and optimization of businesses. You will also learn your way around financial and income statements, balance sheets and understand the performance analysis. This course will help you interpret the financial statements and predict future expected revenues and your company’s profitability.


The financial analysis and evaluation for business planning training session include the following subjects to enable participants to learn all about business:

  • Introduction to Financial Analysis
  • Basics of Financial Analysis
  • Budgeting
  • Financial Analysis Tools
  • Effective Forecasting and Predicting Principles
  • Financial Metrics and Targets
  • Financial and Business Planning Operations
  • Evaluation and Management in Business


Professionals determined to open their own business or want their position to move upwards towards the financial department are encouraged to take this training session. All people committed to learning financial and business evaluation and planning can advantage from this training session as well.


Different methodologies are implemented to keep the participants engaged and involved throughout the training program. These methods include:

  • Live Group Sessions
  • Engaging Discussions With Participants
  • PowerPoint Presentations
  • Professor-Led Classroom Track

Other Stimulating Activities Include: 

  • Ice Breakers
  • Live Accounting Activities
  • Case Studies About Financial Analysis
  • Case Studies on Business Evaluation
  • Case Studies on Business Planning
  • Energizers
  • Video Playbacks


After successfully completing the training session, attendees will be able to:

  • Efficiently explain the purpose and key functions of financial planning, business goals and budgeting
  • Understand the basic purpose and functions of financial and business performance analysis.
    Use the relevant case analysis tools to give appropriate business insight
  • Create, interpret and perform the correct key analysis and a set of metrics for business operations and planning
  • Understand the difference between the various financial statements (Balance sheet, cash flow statement and income statement)
  • Determine how to create a working budget
  • Proficiently determine and identify the financial and business data sources that offer financial and business strategy insights
  • Efficiently recognize the weak business and financial sectors and the strong and successful financial factors


During this training program, the participants will be assessed pre-course and at the end of the training session via different methods in order to:

    • Determine the starting level of the participants and deliver the customized training course, a pre-assessment will be carried out
    • During the training, numerous assessments are also conducted through session-based reflective quizzes, practical exercises and evaluations
    • To ensure the retention and learning of the training, an end of course assessment is carried out in a test or exam environment