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Are you looking to learn the finance management basics? Or do you want to start managing your business finance by yourself? Xceed Academy is offering the essentials of finance management for anyone who is interested in mastering the art of finance management.
Now take control of your organization’s financial health. Your organization’s financial statements comprise valuable data about your company’s financial viability, operating results, and profitability. The relationship between the financial information and certain finance items can be used to recognize the areas where you have more improvement opportunities, and more importantly, your organization excels.

Finance plays a vital role in ensuring that a firm is viable during a period of uncertainty. This course will examine how finance functions in a user-friendly yet comprehensive way in the corporate world, its scope of authorities and responsibilities, and its connection with the organization’s other segments. This course emphasizes the routine problems encountered daily and function management by the financial manager. Through this course, the manager will find the solution to the problems and foundation of his/her decisions.


Upon successful completion, the participants will learn the following:

  • Understand and appreciate the role, objectives and importance of finance in business
  • Use the essential financial forecasting and planning tools for business decisions.
  • Learn the concepts related to the practical and calculative applications of investments in mathematics and finance.
  • Manage firm’s working capital accounts
  • Recognize, define, analyze and manage the different types of risks that are managed by the finance manager daily
  • Evaluation of the long-term projects using the most effective methodologies.
  • Identify, define and assess the different short term, medium, and long-term finance sources available for the firm.
  • Understand and calculate the importance of a firm’s weighted average capital cost.
  • Equip yourself with the tools for assessing the financial performance of a company
  • Distinguish the various types of budget and budget techniques variances to control the costs
  • Appreciate the relevance of the cash flow forecast for accurate cash flow management.


This 3-day course will benefit the business unit managers, mid-career professionals, executive budget holders, and professionals who may not have the financial knowledge or qualification.

  • Business professionals who want to advance their financial comprehension for professional and personal growth
  • Top and middle management want to have a better grasp of their employees and finance departments
  • Project managers and team leaders need an improved understanding of budgeting and
  • financing their projects and teams for successful results

Old and new businesses owners who have no understanding of the finance


  • Reflective Quizzes, Session-based Practical Exercises, Notes exercises and evaluation.
  • Conduct pre-assessment to measure current level customize training delivery and conceptual understanding.
  • Final assessment in the test environment and capturing learning and course retention.


  • Presentation finding and mock audi
  • Discussions, examples and role-play between the individuals and group
  • Faster learning through practical exercises and workshops


According to your Convenience.