Claims And Negotiations Skills For Construction Engineers

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Disputes, Claims and Negotiations Skills for Construction Engineers will provide practical information and advice for analyzing the issues and disputes that arise during the normal course of a construction project including how a claim is made, how to prepare and negotiate a settlement, and how to produce a counterclaim if needed.


  • Understanding Construction Contracts
  • Introduction to concepts of Construction Law
  • Avoiding construction claims and disputes
  • Developing claim documentation
  • Negotiating Changes, Claims, etc.

Who should Attend

  • Owner representatives – project managers, project engineers, project controls personnel,
  • Contractor personnel – site supervisors, general foreman, general contractors, subcontractors, trade contractors
  • Designers – engineers, architects, project managers, senior design managers
  • Third parties – construction consultants, construction attorneys, cost control specialists


  • Introduction to Construction Disputes, Claims, Negotiations: Construction Law, Form of Contracts, Delivery Methods, Compensations Methods
  • Construction Risk Management: Contract Terms, Insurance, Contingency, Change Control, Bonding, Termination
  • Construction Claims: Differing Site Conditions, Delays, Loss of Productivity, Acceleration
  • Dispute Resolution: Change Management, Change Directives, Mediation, Arbitration, Alternative Dispute Resolution, Litigation
  • Negotiations: Contracting and Subcontracting, Workforce Negotiations, Change Order Negotiations, Strategy and Deployment, Contract Close-out

Case Study: 

Construction of new Hospital Facility in major U.S. metropolitan city. The construction project, with a total cost in excess of 1 billion USD, encountered numerous delays, changes, claims, disputes, and ultimately a protracted litigation process.