Develop & Analyze Production Reports & Achieving Opex

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Course Description

How to manage reports and to find different ways to achieve the production target of oil production and make evaluation reports with company crude specifications.

Who Should Attend?

Operator II Production and Engineers who have to manage evaluations and reports.

Course Objectives

To develop and update the knowledge of production reports and management and also how quality control in the oil and gas production (industries) provide the researches, engineers, operators and technicians with most of the information that help them achieving a production target with company crude specifications.

Underpin existing knowledge and increase learning and comprehension of the various systems, Thereby contributing towards safe, efficient and economic
operation of field facilities.


Introduction to the course

  • Learn basic Operational Troubleshooting. (Perform Trouble shooting of Water Processing Units Evaluation reports
  • Production reports
  • Analyzing production reports
  • Troubleshooting & corrective actions
  • Defining and maintaining production standards & procedures
  • Crude quality reports
  • Advanced quality control check and response procedures
  • Reviewing and analyzing daily production reports to evaluate GC production Principle knowledge about types of production, Total Quality management and Statistical Quality Control
  • Advanced troubleshooting & corrective actions GC analysis machines and techniques operation
  • Principle management of quality control for production
  • Analyze and evaluate all field operating parameters
  • Alert signs values (temperature, pressure, etc\.),
  • Perform first diagnostic and take corrective actions
  • Operating according to company production standards and procedures
  • Achieving a production target with company crude specifications
  • Chemical optimization & blending (Materials Requirement Planning
  • Review daily production reports & take basic corrective actions
  • Hazards( safety) associated with failure
  • How management evaluate the quality and quantity of production according —-International production specification
  • How to manage any ( maintenance) problems to keeping the quality and mass production
  • Check wellhead/ flow line pressure, safety valve etc.(Operate according to international standards and procedures to achieve a production target.)