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In a world where big data is the future and data has turned out to be the subject of substantial significance, data analyst training from Xceed Academy can be a game-changer for many individuals as well as organizations. Wondering how? Let’s find out! With the evident boom in the use of analytics, possessing the right skills for working with data isn’t just valuable, it is imperative. The significance of data analysis skills is going to be the biggest grosser on the enterprise forefront. To equip organizations with these skills, Xceed Academy has come up with data analyst training programs that can provide techniques to aid individuals working with SQL databases, ways to create data visualizations, the languages of R and python, and statistical and predictive analysis in the business environment. Get yourself the leading data analytics certification courses on our platform today!

Benefits of Data Analytics courses

Data analytics certification courses are designed to enhance your understanding of Business Intelligence processes. With a data analyst training program, you can:

• Understand how to identify buyer personas and fuel demand generation engines

• Create statistical data to predict what your consumer wants and what they don’t

• Define a tailored sales pitch with the right data

• Explore a massive growth opportunity for your enterprise

• Land high paying clients as data analytics is in the buzz currently

• Avail the flexibility to work in various industries, irrespective of what your forte is.

• Acquire problem-solving skills without getting overwhelmed.

The data analytics certification courses we provide are tailored to build your aptitude with smart systems and analytics. You’ll be able to provide stellar results compositely. 

What supports us from other data analyst training programs out there?

 360 degree understanding of data analytics

We leave nothing behind when it comes to equipping our clients with a pragmatic understanding of the various data analytics concepts. If you take our data analytics certification courses you’ll be signing up for a hands-on approach to learn how analytics and systems work. 

• State-of-the-art tools

Learn the basics of Python and understand how to draw impactful, data-driven insights with our avant-garde tools in data analyst training.

• Dedicated assistance for career

You can receive counseling sessions and participate in placement cells to get access to lucrative opportunities when you opt for our data analyst training programs.

 Industry-oriented expertise

With us, you can get a head start in your career and acquire the right data analytic skills for the job scenario. Our dedicated professionals conduct data analytics certification courses in a fun and interactive way. We at Xceed Academy are committed to results. 

Get started with Data Analysis from Xceed Academy

Here is Xceed Academy, we believe that everybody should have the chance to learn data analytics to cope up with the dynamic data-driven landscape. At the heart of analytics, we provide simplified training pathways that are designed on basic as well as advanced level. Our data analytics certification courses are tailormade to help you learn everything that’s there to this domain! So, irrespective of whether you are a beginner, or whether you have prior experience in Data Analysis, our courses are the ideal alternative for you. With our data analyst training program, you can get:

• Masterclasses from the industry experts

• A comprehensive understanding of data analysis using SQL, Excel, Python, Optimization, ML, Predictive modeling, statistics, and more

• Non-graded as well as graded assignments that are based on real-life simulations as well as challenges on the field.

• Access to placement cell with our industry-wide networks

• Live project workshops that can aid in implementing the learnings acquired from the program

Thus, data analytics certification courses with us will teach you the theory and its implementation. Still looking for data analyst training programs? Get in touch with Xceed Academy now! 

Course Duration: 3 Days


  • Minimum 1 year experience
  • Recommended prior knowledge includes basic programming and analyzing data in python, knowledge of basic database technologies, and awareness of analytics driven business initiatives


  • 24 hours of Instructor Led Trainings
  • Hand-on Exercises on Live Projects
  • Practice Labs
  • End of Training Project
  • Module-wise Auto-graded Assessments and Quizzes
  • 90 days exclusive post training online mentorship


Introduction to Data Analytics

  • Introduces to Data Analytics, Predictive Analytics and Big Data
  • Data Analytics: concepts
  • Data analytics: use cases and examples
  • Data analytics process
  • Big data
  • Machine learning and deep learning
  • Predictive analytics

Getting Data Ready

  • Data Collection
  • Identifying Data Sources
  • Collecting and Combining multiple Datasets
  • Data Cleaning & Data Cleaning Techniques
  • Best Practices for proper analysis

Data Analytics using Excel

  • Explore the BI and data analytics features in Excel
  • Overview of Business Intelligence
  • Excel Data Analytics Expressions (DAX)
  • Excel Power View
  • Excel Power Pivot
  • Excel Power Query

Data visualization using Power BI

  • To explore and understand the basics of Power BI
  • Power BI architecture
  • Supported data structures
  • Advantages of using Power BI
  • Creating reports with data visualizations
  • Modifying existing reports
  • Creating and managing data dashboards