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As a professional in the field of accounts and finance, if you are looking to upgrade yourself, then look no further and get customized accounts and finance training from Xceed Academy. This course will cover all the finance and accounting aspects.

Finance is the primary function of business that require special attention, while accounting is the language of business. When you understand and apply this language to your business in general, this remains one of the most valuable management competencies.

Xceed Academy’s this course will cover the essential skills needed for the finance staff to excel in their careers. From financial overview to personal organization, macro-level management and time management, different skills are taught to help the applicants become more successful at their workplaces.

Enhance your competencies by identifying the best practices of accounting and finance and increase your personal experience.


Applicants will be able to:

  • Identify the accounting practices for the various finance roles like CFO, treasurer, controller and accountants in the context or relationship between the financial statements like balance sheet, income statement and statement of the cash flows
  • Understand the standard practices in the discounted cash flows (DCF) techniques and financial decision-making applications
  • Discuss the financial statement best practices to evaluate the organization’s strategic performance
  • Corporate performance management best practices identification using the critical success factors like solid and weak financial signals in the various industry sectors
  • Connect with the personal network of high potential managers with similar minds
  • Describe the standard practices in the value destruction process in mergers and acquisitions from the perspective of market and management signals from the market
  • Recognize and identify the financial practices and details of the risk management financial control and financial reporting from the internationally recognized financial associations such as IASB, OECD, SEC, IFAC and others
  • Understand the best practices of the roles like auditors, directors and others in the corporate governance
  • Understand standard practices in how SVA (Shareholder Value Added), EVA® (Economic Value Added) and RI (Residual Income) could be utilized to value competing strategies
  • Identify the various sources of business and financial data that provide insights into business and financial strategies.


The methodology of this course includes:

  • PowerPoint presentation with short breaks to energize the participants
  • Instructor-led classroom track and live group chats
  • Participants classroom activities
  • Guided group discussions
  • Energizers and Ice breakers
  • Management level case studies
  • Live subject related exercises.


This course caters to the following professions:

  • Financial controllers
  • Financial managers
  • Chief financial officers
  • Finance department heads
  • Senior finance officers
  • Accounting managers
  • Finance staff
  • Accountants


  • Delegation
  • Communication
  • Interpreting financial statements
  • Time management
  • Organization


  • Session-based practical exercises, peer group, notes evaluation and sharing, and reflective quizzes
  • Conceptual understanding and customized training delivery to gauge by the Pre-assessment
  • Capturing the course learning and retention in the final course assessment.