Applied Geo Statistics For Oil & Gas Course

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The term Geo-statistics is very versatile and can be looked at from different points of view. The applied Geo-statistics field especially for oil and gas will be discussed during the course with a great emphasis on the reservoir modeling, 4 D Seismic applications, Mud logs and E logs…..


The main objective of this course to use all data, techniques and tools to applications and tasks rather than mathematics and algorisms behind it. Learning how to be member in a real team by cooperation of all branches (Geophysics, Geology, Petrophysics and reservoir engineer) to build better geological models, and then go through reservoir simulation

Who should Attend

Geologist, Geophysicist, Petrophysist, Reservoir Engineer


  • Introduction
  • Well Log Evaluation and Geology overview
    • Well Log Correlations
    • Deriving data from Mud Logs and E-Logs
    • Knowledge of Structure & Stratigraphy of Area of interest
    • Summarizing all Data in tables and charts
  • Integrated well logs and Seismic Data
    • Overview of Geophysical well logs
    • Reservoir Geophysics
  • Reservoir characterization
    • Seismic Inversion
    • Stochastic and deterministic Seismic Inversion for reservoir modeling
    • Seismic Attributes
  • Data Analysis
    • Validation of Structure contour maps
    • Historical match
  • Reservoir Modeling
    • Mapping
    • Reservoir Layering
    • Structural modeling
    • Property modeling
  • 4D Seismic applications

Additional Info: Several case studies will be handles during the course.