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API 687 is one of the crucial standards that deal with Rotor Repair. This highly recommended API 687 Rotor Repair Course is a 5-day short course covering the minimum requirements for inspection and repair of rotors (rotating equipment), couplings, and bearings used in the chemical, petroleum, and gas industry. Xceed Academy offers this rotor repair course to individuals who have experience in these industries or are willing to work in such sectors. Attendees of this course will learn how to record the data and requirements of Inspection Phase I of an assembled axial compressor rotor, assembled centrifugal compressor rotor, gear assembly and/or pinion, assembled steam turbine rotor, assembled gas expanded rotor (appropriate for both overhung and between bearing axial expanders rotors).

API 687 Rotor Repair Course enables participants to quickly identify the kind of impeller construction, rotor materials construction, and construction rotor along with the usage of any coatings. This is because these methods of construction are vital in determining the inspection as well as repair methods.


After successful completion of this course, you will be able to:

    • Implement minimum requirements for repair and inspection of rotating equipment rotors, couplings, bearings utilized in chemical, gas, and petroleum industry services
    • Acquire and apply detailed knowledge on rotor repair encompassing the repair of rotating equipment, an inspection of bearings, rotors, couplings following API 687 international standard
    • Discuss the definition, scope, and reference standards of rotor repair
    • Execute systematic techniques on rotor repair, including refurbishing, overhauling, selection, transport, communication, testing, assembly, repair, balancing, inspection, and preparation for shipment, documentation, and storage
    • Determine the main purpose of axial compressors, centrifugal compressors, steam turbines, expanders, and gears, including inspection of rotor disassembly, assembled rotor, manufacture, assembly, and balancing new component
    • Recognize the different types of positive displacement of rotary screw compressors.


This 5-day Rotor Repair Course is best suited for:

      • Maintenance Engineers
      • Rotating equipment engineers
      • Service Engineers
      • Reliability Engineers
      • Mechanics
      • Millwrights
      • Maintenance Supervisors

Besides, individuals interested in the performance of rotating equipment, rolling element bearing can also benefit from this course.


    • Repair, Inspection, and Manufacturing of both new and used rotors for axial, centrifugal, and screw-type compressors, gearing, steam turbines, and hot gas expanders
    • Repair, Inspection, and Manufacturing of new as well as used fluid film couplings and bearings
    • Repair, Inspection, and Manufacturing of new and used gearings used for special purpose
    • Section of a repair shop
    • Pre-shutdown planning
    • Techniques of Nondestructive inspection
    • Strategies for acceptance of various inspections
    • Straightening shafts
    • Designations and specification of materials their meanings and effects of alloying elements
    • Balancing and stacking of rotating components for axial and centrifugal compressors, gearing, steam turbines, and hot gas expanders
    • Techniques to document coupling shaft fit
    • Steam turbine, axial compressor blading, hot gas expander inspections, manufacturing steps and inspection requirements for both new and repaired blading, and assembly on the rotor Steam turbine
    • Methods for shaft repairs like undercutting and welding
    • Related case studies.