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Want to know what agile is all about? If you’re new to the agile world and need a solid Introduction to the agile way of thinking and doing – our Agile Foundation Certification course is a perfect fit. Ideal for business and technical teams, the Agile Foundation Certification course examines the roles and responsibilities of team members working in an agile way. It delves into the specific practices used in agile projects, explains the theory and concepts behind the agile approach, and prepares you to work confidently and effectively in an agile environment. Not only that, you will also learn about the structure for defining value in the Agile Foundation Certification to ensure you and your team work on the right product at the right time for the right customer. This is one of our most popular agile course for individuals, teams, and organizations seeking introductory agile training.

Learning Outcomes

By the end of the Agile Foundation Certification course you will be able to understand:

  • The background of participating in an agile workplace
  • The roles and responsibilities of a typical agile team
  • The various tools available to agile teams to facilitate conversation about priorities
  • How agile teams cooperate and collaborate to deliver business value
  • The important interpersonal skills agile environments encourage and foster
  • How discipline and standards contribute to agility

Agile Foundation Certification Course Curriculum

An Agile Mindset:

  • Why agile?
  • Key values
  • Lifecycle and frameworks
  • Agile teams – roles and responsibilities
  • Collaboration and mindset
  • Tools to help create agility

Core Agile Concepts:

  • Workflow and transparency
  • Product vs. project
  • Changing the way we work


  • Aligning the idea
  • Design
  • Stories and story mapping
  • Quality, definition of done and estimation
  • Release planning

Deliver and Operate:

  • Deliver
  • Operate


Yes, it is. Agile training is a mind blowing way to enhance holistic performance by ingraining the basic concepts of agility and implementing them seamlessly.

The agile foundation certificate can enable project managers to improve collaborations, deliver end results in functional stages, and create a flexible framework where alterations don’t negatively impact the project timing, quality and cost.

The Agile foundation exam is an objective examination that lasts for about 2.5 hours.

Undoubtedly they are. They can help to upskill employees and equip them with an in-depth knowledge essential for higher-level roles.#5 Do you offer personalized attention to trainees in your Agile Foundation Certification program?

Yes, we can. Contact us for more information regarding the course module.

As compared to the industry standards, yes our agile certification courses are competitively priced.

Anyone who wants to upskill their portfolio can enroll. Irrespective of whether you are in a leadership position or you are an employee or you run your own business, Agile can always benefit you in a diverse range of ways.

Connect with us or drop us a line to find out more regarding our Agile Foundation course.