Advanced Stuck Pipe Prevention & Fishing Operations Training Course

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Course Description

This Advanced Stuck Pipe Prevention & Fishing Operations training course provides a comprehensive coverage in the industry for understanding and preventing the underlying causes of Stuck Pipe, Wellbore Instability, Loss Circulation, and other sources of Non-Productive Time (NPT) in drilling operations. The course also focuses on correct responses by individuals and teams, early warning signs, and minimizing the impact to drilling operations. Through world-class presentations, and the best reference and instructional materials available, delegates hone their knowledge of drilling technology and how it relates to avoiding NPT. Preventing stuck pipe incidents can save thousands of dollars in non-productive time.  Stuck Pipe Prevention covers topics to eliminate or greatly reduce stuck pipe incidents on your rig.  This course emphasizes on the prevention of stuck pipe and the team concept is used throughout the course, explaining the contribution and value of every crewmember in the goal of keeping the pipe free. This training course will feature: How to predict and make the contingency plan to prevent the stuck pipe How to write the proper report for the stuck pipe incidents


Upon the successful completion of this course, each participant will be able to:

  • Prevent the stuck pipe prior being complicated.
  • Know the real reasons of the stuck pipe & the right actions for each type.
  • Follow up the preparation of all types of pills required to help in solving any type of stuck pipe.
  • Be aware with the first action which must be performed in the beginning of each stuck pipe type.
  • Be aware with the right procedures to detect the stuck point & the back off operations (blindly & using BOT techniques).
  • Be aware with all mistakes will be sometimes from main reasons for the complication of any stuck type.
  • Participating in & be aware with all fishing assemblies (designs) to solve all types of stuck pipe.
  • Be aware with all fishing equipment to solve any type of stuck pipe in open hole & in cased hole.
  • Know very well the right logistics & timing to prepare for any fishing job after the stuck pipe being complicated to avoid shallower stuck point.
  • Be aware with all wash over pipe operations contingencies in case of stuck in cement due to flash set.
  • Be aware with all wire line cable fishing operations using the rope spear techniques.
  • Be aware & very familiar with the wire line fishing operations using cut & threads techniques.
  • Be aware with the cased hole side track operations using the whip stock techniques.

Who Should Attend

This course is intended for drilling engineers, night well site supervisors, well site supervisors, senior drilling engineers, drilling contractors’ stuff (Drilling Engineers, drillers, tool pushers, and rig managers), junior fishing engineers & all supporting staff needing to gain an understanding of the principles and practices relevant to the advanced stuck pipe prevention & fishing operations.


  • Introduction to the advanced stuck pipe prevention & fishing operations
  • Differential Sticking (Reasons & Solutions)
  • Types of Sticking
  • 1st action to solve the differential sticking
  • Differential Sticking Problem (Case History)
  • Mechanical Stuck (Different Types)
  • Some Drilling HSE Alerts
  • Mechanical Stuck (Solutions)
  • Mechanical Stuck Problem (Case History)
  • Preparation for a fishing job after stuck being complicating with no solution
  • Stuck Pipe Complication till have complete stuck (Case History)
  • Fishing Tools (Types & Function for each)
  • Metal to Metal Stuck Problem (Case History)
  • FPI & BOT Operations (Explosive & None Explosive Techniques)
  • Hole Cleaning & Mud Removal
  • Different drilling fluid pills assist in solving most stuck pipe types
  • Wire Line Cut & Stuck in Cased hole – (Case History)
  • Side Track Using Whip Stock Techniques
  • Wire Line Cut & Threads Techniques
  • Wash Over pipes after a flash set with 7” liner setting tool (Case Study)