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Made for accounting professionals seeking to move upwards in their accounting career, Xceed Academy offers advanced accounting courses on inter company transactions, mergers and acquisitions, partnerships, installment sales, franchise accounting and many other accounting-related topics.


This training course is developed for officials with a basic knowledge of accounts and includes the course to help them understand advanced accounting methods.

  • Financial Statements: Internal and External Expansion Issues
  • Financial Statements: Inter company Transactions
  • Partnerships: Ownership and Formation
  • Partnerships: Corporate Liquidation and Changes in Ownership
  • Installments in Sales and Accounting
  • Long-Term Construction Contract Accounting
  • Franchise Accounting
  • Joint Arrangements
  • Estates and Trust Accounting
  • Basic Principles and General Fund of Governmental Accounting


The advanced accounting course by Xceed Academy is designed for accounting officials and people who are in the accounting field seeking to broaden their accounting knowledge and move higher in their position. Sales accountants, managers in accounts and supervisors are highly encouraged to apply.


Different methodologies are implemented to keep the participants engaged and involved. These methods include:

  • Live Group Sessions
  • Engaging Discussions With Participants
  • PowerPoint Presentations
  • Professor-Led Classroom Track
  • Other Stimulating Activities Include:
    • Ice Breakers
    • Live Accounting Activities
    • Case Studies About Advanced Accounting
    • Energizers
    • Playbacks


After successfully completing the training, the participants will be able to:

  • Implement correct conceptual principles when selecting accounting policies
  • Possess the ability to assess a situation, determine issues, and propose alternatives and recommendations while applying advanced accounting knowledge and displaying professional judgment
  • Demonstrate the ability to explain the main methods, theories, concepts and accounting of business combinations
  • Prepare financial statements for both partially owned and fully owned subsidiaries.
    Apply the method of equity in accounting for joint ventures
  • Classify various financial instruments and account for them using International Financial Accounting Standards
  • Translate and account for foreign country transactions for cash flow hedges and fair value
  • In foreign operations, they will apply and choose the proper translation and consolidation methods
  • Describe and discuss the financial reporting objectives and reporting issues relevant to the government.


During the course of the training, the participants will be assessed pre-course, during the training and at the end of the training session via different methods that include:

  • A pre-assessment will be carried out to determine the starting level of the participants and deliver the customized training course
  • During the training, several assessments are conducted through session-based reflective quizzes, practical exercises and evaluations
  • To ensure the retention and learning of the training, an end of course assessment is carried out in a test or exam environment.