Xamarin Certification Training Courses

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5 Days Course


Develop Cross-Platform Applications with Xamarin

App development is a skill that’s in demand. Technological integration is driving businesses today. Applications have become the spearhead of customer acquisition. With our Xamarin Certification, share, test, write, and structure code freely. Develop stellar cross-platform applications for businesses today!

What is Xamarin?

It’s an open-source platform, allowing you to build modern applications that deliver performance. Using Xamarin, you can customise apps and deliver results. Customising business logic becomes simple with it. Xamarin allows you to share it in a single language. It also allows you to achieve native performance, look and feel on each platform. Build code for native Android, iOS, and Windows applications today! Get yourself our detail-oriented Xamarin certification and skyrocket your opportunities across the industry!

What Will You Take Away?

The Xamarin Certification helps you to learn:

  • The architecture of Xamarin to strengthen your base of knowledge
  • Fundamentals of Xamarin and common data access patterns when used with Android and iOS including key differences
  • The crux of Xamarin.forms to understand the difference with other Xamarin applications, develop themes, etc. 
  • How to build UI using XAML code in Xamarin
  • Working with images to create and display data in visually appealing and interactive forms, to your audience.
  • Implementation of multi-page applications using navigation, tabs, master/detail pages, etc. 
  • Storage and retrieval of data for Xamarin from various sources like file systems, SQLite databases, RESTful services, etc.
  • Implementation of the multi-line text handling, views, layouts, clean appearance in Xamarin
  • Writing platform-specific code for Android and iOS systems to make changes and access naive platforms
  • To test and deploy apps to emulators, simulators, stores and other devices

Thus, getting a Xamarin Certification from us will help you grow your opportunities in development. 

Why Choose Us?

Xceed focuses on preparing candidates for practical application. Our dedicated team uses a project-based teaching methodology to deliver the Xamarin Certification course. At Xceed, we pay attention to our clients’ learning styles and tailor lessons accordingly. We aim to continually improve our products and services. If you’re a professional starting up in the space of app development, this course is tailor-made for you! Our Xamarin certification can help you set yourself apart with the vast reservoir of knowledge that you develop in it’s duration. 

If you’re looking for the Xamarin Certification, contact us. We’ll help you out with the details of our programme promptly. Our courses are affordably priced. Contact us to enrol yourself today!  

Course Overview

Xamarin Training is cross platform which is used for developing mobile application. For developing mobile apps for iOS, Android and other operating software, our Xamarin certification helps you understand the basics that can be used along with C#. With Xamarin, using XAML based framework interface design for all three platforms can be developed.

Learn Xamarin Studio, Xamarin Forms, Xamarin Cross Platform App Development Training Course by XCEED impart skills to new developers to build & design native mobile application, for fast performance & a higher credibility across the different mobile platform, like Windows, Android & iOSphones with C# which is the best language to develop mobile apps. 

Course Objectives

  • Understand the use of different cross-platform mobile development options
  • Use the framework, construction and design of Xamarin-based applications
  • Build apps with Native User Interface
  • Develop Native Apps for Windows mobile, Android and iOS
  • Build an application using Xamarin.Forms
  • Establish, deploy and publish mobile apps
Module – 01

Starting with Xamarin Studio

  • Xamarin Studio overview
  • Installing Xamarin Forms
  • Beginning Xamarin Trial Development
  • Licensing for compiling and testing Xamarin Forms Apps
  • Visual Studio plug-in for Building Apps with Forms (only for windows Machines)
Module – 02

Xamarin.iOS and Xamarin.Android

  • iOS Application Structure
  • Android Application Structure
  • Native Platform features and Architectures
  • iOS and Android Life Cycle
  • How do Xamarin.iOS and Xamarin.Android Interact and Compile to Native Environments.
  • Calling native functions and libraries.
  • Compiling and Running Native Builds.
  • How do these Native SDKs differ from Xamarin Forms.
Module – 03


  • Basic Controls – Editor, Images, Labels
  • TableView Control and ListView Control
  • Custom Controls For each platform
  • Accessing Native Controls via Dependency Service and Dependency Injection
Module – 04

Web Services

  • Web View Control
  • Accessing Web Services on each platform
Module – 05

Platform Tweaks

  • Web View Control
  • Accessing Web Services on each platform
Module – 06

Cross-platform options

  • Shared Projects
  • PCL Solution
Module – 07

Xamarin Forms

  • Introduction to Forms
  • Xamarin Forms XAML basicso
  • Building Controls with XAML and C#
  • Data Binding
  • Working with Controls
  • Controlling Styles and Custom Controls
Module – 08

Database Access

  • The Native Directory Structures
  • Using SQLite with different platforms in PCL
  • Using SQLite with different platforms in Shared Project
  • Accessing Application Folders and Shared Folders
  • Adapting the Code to Platform specific Folder structure
  • Accessing resources from Shared resources
Module – 09

Accessing application resources

  • Accessing resources from Android Project
  • Accessing resources from iOS Project
  • Accessing resources from Shared Code Project
Module – 10

 Wrap Up

  • Optimizing the Compile Resources and Libraries
  • Tweaking the compiler settings for Processing
  • Localization using RESX Resource
  • Testing and Publishing