Soil degradation is often blamed for the poor performance of agriculture in developing economies; so too are policies which keep the prices of both outputs and inputs artificially low. Some economists have argued that pricing reforms will encourage soil depletion; others say that such reforms will encourage soil conservation.


The course aims at training the participants on the soil physical and chemical properties and the associated reform techniques. It will also help them to understand the basic and advanced techniques in soil investigation and the factors affecting the soil and how to control it.

Who should Attend

Engineers and qualified technicians and supervisors working in the following departments, Geotechnical department – design department – Structure department – water works department – Chemical department – soil investigation department- Agriculture department


  • Introduction to soil and basics of soil
  • Soil characteristics
  • Mitigating and adapting to climate change
  • Clean water resources
  • Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) reform
  • Biodiversity and water
  • Soil maps of rivers
  • Heat and moisture transfer electrical and  optical quality of soils energy accumulation
  • Reform techniques

Additional Info.

Practical and theoretical sessions will be included.